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How to buy property in Italy
Guide for 1-st time buyers

Italy has always been a vacation destination for the travelers around the world.  With the recent changes related to work mobility and the options of hybrid and remote approach, acquiring property in Italy today makes even more sense than ever before.  The combination of property values, still very affordable compared to other countries, great climate, high quality food products, favorable tax conditions, cultural enrichment, having property in Italy is an attractive package deal.   When it comes to 1-st time buyers, our office can offer complete guide to the search based on region, type of a home, regional and local policies and procedures, and necessary structural and remodeling in case the property requires additional home improvements.     

Tax obligations and tax benefits

Our office will provide complete guide for the USA buyers and sellers with respect and tax obligations and tax benefits (tax deductions and tax liabilities) related to purchasing and selling property in Italy.  The guide will include the code sections from USA tax code that will insure that all of the deductions are properly recorded and accounted for, and the tax liabilities are paid in USA and Italy at the times when it`s due.   

Procedure and Documents requirements

Purchasing the property in Italy in some cases may require additional documents or other necessary steps in order to complete a transaction.  Our office will help you to determine if there a need to have Codice Fiscale (Italian Fiscal code) in order to purchase a property.  In most cases only Social Security number is required to file all of the paper documents.   Our office can also provide services to obtain a loan with a local bank  in order to purchase property.  We also offer notary and legal services necessary to complete the due diligence property verification for each property.  In addition, our office also can provide services for the construction estimates and provide necessary information related to multi-step process with local City hall for the permits related to remodeling and home construction.    

Quarterly tax updates (US clients)

The quarterly tax updates will be provided shortly.



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