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The city of Chiavari, one of the oldest cities in Liguria which dates back to 1147, has a lot of hidden treasures.  Pasticeria “Copello” will be celebrating 195 years since it was founded in 1826.

Remember when you were a child and the first time your parents took you to a local pastry shop? Remember the smell of vanilla, chocolate, almonds, and many other smells that you could feel in the air, but did not know the names of ingredients, and instead of asking thousands questions and pulling your mom`s hand you would just stand there and inhale as deep as you can the magical essence of fresh baked cookie, and pastries….lots of pastries?  I could not recall all of the memories of my childhood until I walked into Pasticeria “Copello”.  The historical shop, which can be found under the famous Porticos of Chiavari (Liguria), is beautifully decorated with Floral Liberty (Libertry Floreale) furniture, the amazing wooden/glass cabinets that almost touch the ceiling.  The entire shop is “dressed-up” into Art Nouveau, which flourished between 1900 and 1914.  The abundance of products and variety is amazing, and almost all of it is made “in-house”, every day, fresh.

Pasticeria “Copello” is not the place to count your calories, and to feel guilt or to continue deprive yourself of the magical moment when you discover “cavolino” pastry, which among the best cavolino`s you will ever taste in Liguria. For the sweet tooth experts, cavolino is the bigne cut into two pieces, filled with cream, but not with just an ordinary cream.  It is filled with “panna montata” (or whipped cream).  The taste and quality of cavolino depends on the texture of “panna montata” topped with tiny bit of sugar.  You almost have to feel when its of right texture, and only then it can be proudly called “cavolino” from “Copello”.  And then you see rum baba, and bigne filled with all kinds of creams-zabaglione, chantilly, la crema pasticcera, chocolate….And then suddenly you see it-La Torta Nuziale (The wedding cake), which you can have a piece even if you are not the lucky bride today…well someday.

La Torta Nuziale from “Copello” brings you the feeling of happiness, completion and satisfaction that one can expect from happy marriage…and before you get into it, you should always taste a piece of perfect pan di spagna filled with chantilly cream gently covered with light glasse (icing), and decorated with pink tiny leaves.

And there is “in-house” made chocolate bars with pistachio, and almonds, and every other ingredient, which can make a perfect harmony with chocolate.  At Pasticceria “Copello” you can find and order a product for every important family event, and the result will always be impeccable.

The well known Pastry Shop is not just a place to buy pastries and cakes for the holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc.  It`s the place where history tells you more about Italian Artisans than any book or publication.  Its the place where Luca Antonini (the owner of “Copello”) with his wife Michela continue the incredible tradition of Italian pasticceria and typical products of Genova.  It is the place where community of Chiavari meets on a daily basis for morning espresso or cappuccino, where people share their thoughts, laughs, work, and perhaps the deepest secrets.  Its the place of history, its past, its present, and future….Perhaps its existence and its longevity is due to its quality and tradition, to its dedication to products of excellency, and the desire to have the name, the brand name, that is associated with so much value and dignity…for all of us.


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