Food-Kilometro Zero

  • 3 years ago

Food-Kilometro Zero (zero kilometers) is a concept that most of us adapted in the last 20 years.  In Italy the very concept of “food-kilometer zero” is a way of life, a cultural tradition that Italians have been able to preserve even today, although not without some obstacles along the way.  The concept of zero kilometers food means that the food is grown locally by the local farmers, and most likely non-industrial limited production.  For example, in Liguria one can find and purchase the food grown and produced in the region.  It also means that the variety of fruits and vegetables grown is well adapted to the Ligurian climate, therefore, you get best of both worlds.  The products can be found in the local small grocery stores and farmers markets were not on the road for many days or weeks before it arrived to the final consumer.  Therefore, the fruits and veggies did not change their taste, color, and texture, and therefore, no additional preservatives were used.  The food is being delivered from the local farms to the local stores, and distance most of the time is 30-40 miles.  Ligurians are blessed to have great agricultural land, which lies between the sea and the mountains, consequently the microclimate creates the most favorable conditions to grow food locally.  The basil that grows here is the best in the world, herb that is the main ingredient of pesto.  The other products of world renown excellency are olive oil, fruits, honey, prickly artichoke, the violet asparagus, the ox heart tomato, and the trumpet courgette.

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